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One Night @ Koopa's Keep

Are you bored of just standard lonely sleep deprivation? Would you rather be horrifically sleep deprived with a bunch of gamers, playing Smash and other games all night as you slowly decend into madness, be it from sleep or overcaffination?

For one night only, Koopa's Keep is open from dusk till dawn! Gaming is the one thing on the menu (along with our ACTUAL food and drink menu...) We'll be having brackets and friendlies all night for Smash 4, and open play to other games. What other games you ask? You decide! Leave comments in the page for anything else you're interested in playing that night, and if enough people want it, we'll sort it!

We hope to see you there!

This events pricing is 15 quid, but, if you want to save money, put down a £5 deposit, or bring a Wii U and you'll get a 5 pound discount, meaning you get in for only £10! (limited spots)
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Pay your deposit using paypal here to participate in the online event £5 each!

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Strictly no refunds will be made on any reservation payments with less than 24 hour notice remaining.
Thank You.