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CS:GO 5v5 Tournament 16th December 2017

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Get your Teams signed up early to ensure your place at our next 5v5 tournament.
As the end of the year approaches, so does our CS:GO Season of 2017. We had a good start to the year with great tournaments, but the one LAN to rule them all is now here. If you love Counterstrike, the community or just want some where to hang out for the weekend come join us, it can get pretty crazy.
Our aim with the Final CS:GO LAN of the year is to find the top CS:GO team from the TSG community, we're looking for the best of the best to work with in future endeavours that we're not quite ready to announce yet. If that excites you sign up below before the 16th for your chance to become the Elite team of 2017.

Policies and Conditions:
£5 entry fee required before the 14th December for each individual team member.
Prepaid entry fee is to combat no-show teams.
£5 prize pool contribution to be paid on arrival.
The event will not go ahead unless 4 teams have entered.
If the event is cancelled all payments will be refunded through request.
If a request has not been received within 24 hours of the cancellation the payment will not be refunded.

Only Make a deposit if you have a full team.

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