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CS:GO 5v5 Tournament 21st April 2018

Team Pre Sign Ups:

Get your Teams signed up early to ensure your place at our next 5v5 tournament.
After a brief rest, Spray and Prey is back for all of you CS:GO fans out there! Its been a while so we are all really excited to see this community go at it once again in a 5v5 LAN event! Buy your smokes and flashes and jump right in with 4 of your friends in a full bracket with a cash prize, all on a local LAN server! We are gonna have a good full day of CS:GO, so we hope to see you all come down for this!

Pricing for the event is as follows;
Early Bird (online prepay): £15 per player
On the day: £20 per player
As a bonus, if you sign up with a full team you will get a free team twitter/facebook banner image made by TSGs resident graphic designer!

We hope to see you there!


Round Settings:
Max Rounds : 30
Round time : 1:55 (15 second freeze time)
Start Money : $800
C4 Timer : 35 seconds
Win Condition : First to 16
Side Choice : Knife round, winner chooses starting side
Tiebreaker : Should the match end in a tie (15-15) then tiebreaker of 6 rounds, first to 4 wins. Repeated until there is a winner. Starting money is increased to $10000

Map is chosen by Map Veto. Team A is determined by higher numerical seed

Infernew, de_cache, de_Nuke, de_mirage, de_train, de_cobblestone, de_overpass

Map Veto : BO1 Rounds
Team A ban, B ban, A ban, B ban, Random choice from remaining
Map Veto : BO3 Rounds (finals)
Team A ban, B ban, A Pick, B pick, Random choice from remaining

There are actions within the game which if conducted will cause the loss of rounds or disqualification. Matches will be watched by an admin spectator.
Any form of scripts other than buy and jump or throw scripts are illegal
Clipping or moving through terrain such as floors, walls or objects is illegal
Boosting through the help of teammates in moving across terrain is legal, however
Silent or Undefusable bombs are illegal
Exploits of bugs (such as flash bang bugs, etc) are illegal
If you believe the rules have been broken in any way contact the admins.

Admins to contact will be available throughout the day at the TSG centre. If you have any questions about the competition before or on the day, dont hesitate to contact one of us.

This will be a LAN event only!
Sign up / Check-in from 11:30 until 11:50
First match scheduled for 12:00

As this event is a 50% prize pool the more teams we get the more money we can give the winners! Prize pool split between 1st and 2nd place with 70% / 30% split.

If you love Counter Strike, the community or just want some where to hang out for the weekend come join us, it can get pretty crazy.

Terms and Conditions:
Early Bird (online prepay):
£5 Deposit fee required before the 16th of April for each individual team member.
Prepaid deposits is to combat no-show teams.
Remaining £10 to be paid on arrival.
The event will not go ahead unless 4 teams have entered.
If the event is cancelled all payments will be refunded.

For any team that has not made a deposit before the 16th of April, they can still take part by paying on the day: £20 per player

Only Make a deposit if you have a full team.

Join our growing local CS:GO community, find locals to team up with:
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